The 2020 growing season was, all-in-all, very favourable.  We endured a cold snap in late March, with some hail that thinned our crop a little but didn’t do any serious damage to the vines or the nascent bunches.  The Summer was marked by long, dry, hot, but not extreme, periods which helped keep both the vines and the ripening fruit healthy.  Harvest was a waiting game this year.  We began picking on 20 September but seasonal rains intruded such that we did not finish until 9 October.  Thankfully, the fruit remained healthy throughout and the grapes arrived at the cantina in very good condition with ideal levels of sugars, acidity and phenolics – good ‘synchronicity’ as winemakers like to say.  Touch wood, we see 2020 as being one of the great vintages — not overstated, not rich, not a blockbuster, just solidly great, perhaps like a 1998 or 2006.  Make some room in your cellar!